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Pusle spil

PuppetShow: Porcelain Smile Collector's Edition spil
Can you stop a madman from using puppets to take over the island?
Beyond: The Fading Signal Collector's Edition spil
Your brother’s invention has made contact with aliens. Help him defeat an intergalactic invasion before the Earth is destroyed.

Dreadful Tales: The Space Between Collector's Edition spil
A couple's fixer-upper is haunted by a fierce creature.

Bonfire Stories: Heartless Collector's Edition spil
Solve the puzzle of the red mist and save a missing camper before they meet a terrifying end.
Haunted Hotel: Beyond the Page Collector's Edition spil
Survive a fictional horror turned real-life nightmare in a creepy hotel!

Spirits of Mystery: Whisper of the Past Collector's Edition spil
Dark Reapers kidnapped your mother and aunt! Will you be next?
Spirit Legends: The Forest Wraith Collector's Edition spil
Can you stop a natural nemesis from destroying our land?

Memoirs of Murder: Resorting to Revenge Collector's Edition spil
Can you stop a dangerous stalker’s sinister plan in time?
The Christmas Spirit: Mother Goose's Untold Tales Collector's Edition spil
Mother Goose has gone missing, and Christmas is in danger!

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